Tuesday, April 12, 2016

White privilege and prison reform

Chandra Bozelko, left (photo:
EMMA REYNOLDS news.com.au)

"Diary of a Prison Princess: Connecticut It Girl shares reality of life behind bars." July 24, 2015

Really incredible. This is an Aussie newspaper story about the white, privileged face of those seeking "prison reform," meaning "don't send ME or my friends to prison."

Chandra Bozelko, a Princeton graduate from Connecticut's upper crust, brags in her blog about her dozen-plus felony convictions and a smaller number of misdemeanors. http://prison-diaries.com/just-the-faqs/

Obviously well-educated, she deflects any real discussion on how she got six years in prison in a state with one of the lower incarceration rates in the nation.

But she does blame ALL the lawyers her parents hired and were provided for her. She informs us she's suing them. Sounds like she hasn't forgotten how entitled she is.

Somehow SODDI (Some Other Dude Did It) on case after case of credit card fraud, theft, and most astounding, an incredibly ballsy attempt to intimidate jurors and then claim somehow the jurors called HER! Much of this can be verified by reading the numerous online appellate court decisions.

Apparently this runs in the family. Her lawyer, once a respected attorney, was disbarred for stealing half a million dollars from the trust fund for a mentally handicapped son of a dead client. Chandra issued a "news release" claiming her father...was the real victim.

There are pics of her with US Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, former USDOJ big shot, apparently promoting "Second Chance" programs. But wait, she says they don't go far enough! Repeat and violent felons should be easily able to wipe their records.

Having watched the devastation of embezzlers draining family businesses for their gambling or just to buy a new car every year to sociopaths who just like hurting people (and animals) this "author" represents the "not my fault" excuse for ANYTHING.

You gotta read it.