Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Primary Day 2014

This year’s primary election is most important for electing a majority of our county commissioners. Most of the other offices are unopposed, and voters often don’t even bother to fill in the oval, but I hope you will for district attorney.

While my name may be appearing alone on the ballot Clatsop County voters received in the mail, I have long understood that no one in public office should take elected position for granted. I therefore have run a modest campaign for re-election as your district attorney, buying a few newspaper advertisements in our local papers and a page in the voters’ pamphlet.

I neither asked for nor accepted offers of financial contributions for the ads from inside Clatsop County. I hold a strong belief in the principle that everyone should receive equal treatment under the law, and wouldn’t want anyone to think the district attorney might go easy because of a donation.

The Clatsop County District Attorney’s Office has an outstanding staff of lawyers, legal assistants and victim advocates, and one of the lowest turnover rates of any district attorney’s office in the state. I am extremely proud of their commitment to making firm, but fair justice on behalf of our citizens.

If you want to be popular or run for higher office, being district attorney is not the job for you. I stand up to what I consider unfair treatment of others by all alike, whether it’s your basic criminal or another government official.

So far, the voters have agreed with me. Many thanks to the hundreds of citizens who have stopped to tell me so, in the post office or a store or a restaurant. I am your district attorney, and I’m always available by phone or email (coastda@gmail.com), although the answer to your question may not be the one you were wanting.

I promise this: My office will continue to be prudent with your tax dollars (having stayed within budget for all 20 years I have been in office). We will make sure the voice of the victim is never silenced. And we will temper justice with common sense.

I would very much appreciate your vote to allow me to keep serving as your Clatsop County district attorney.

[Letter to the Editor published in the Daily Astorian, Friday, May 16, 2014]