Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sex Offenders in Oregon

Maxine Bernstein has written an excellent mega-series in the Oregonian about the failure of sex offender registration in Oregon, a state with the highest number of sex offenders in the country. The failure rate is likely due to the leniency of the laws: Aserial rapist who repeatedly fails to register will NOT go to prison.

Maxine's story follows Mark Beebout, a convicted California child molester who moved to Clatsop County, failed to register, was indicted, convicted and awaiting a likely exceptional 14-month prison sentence when the jail released him eight days before his hearing. Beebout fled to Portland where he murdered two women over the next month.

The well-detailed series includes profiles, maps and videos, including an interview with me (for which the video crashed but the audio remains) and with Amy Lewis, Mark Beebout's off-and-on girlfriend.