Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Senate Judiciary Committee on wrongful convictions

Coincidental to my Cato piece on "Rightful Convictions," I was invited by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 21st. The subject was “Justice for All: Convicting the Guilty and Exonerating the Innocent.” Testifying also were the DA of Dallas County, Texas, Craig Watkins; and Thomas Haynesworth of Richmond, VA. Mr. Haynesworth was wrongfully convicted of rape in and spent 27 years in prison. He was truly exonerated by a DNA test that was not available until recently.

Link to the webcast. My testimony begins about 44:00.


  1. Nice move, Josh. You moved your endorsement of Tom Bergin right off your page the day after after pleading his case, all the while promoting your newest project.
    You are the best politician in Clatsop County! I am really glad you are our District Attorney.

  2. Sorry, Anon, I'm not a one-trick pony and things change
    The pro-Bergin post is still up and UI', still answering every brave Anonymous post.

  3. USA and Spain Hhd too many killers eleven who were Sentenced to Death for murders initial, kill again after hAVING been spared execution: Kenneth Allen McDuff, Darryl Kemp, Joe Morse, Harvey Louis Carrignan, Bennie Demps, Eddie Simon Wein, Mad Dog Taborsky and on and on. These killers and rapists had been executed the first time around, many innocents would have lived.

  4. My "next project?"
    Sorry but being invited to testify at the US Senate is quite an honor and since I did it entirely on my own personal dime I thought people might be interested in what I said.
    You find any other elected official in Oregon who regularly writes a blog like this that isn't done by staff and who answers any questions - even snarky ones from anonymous posters.
    I endorse Tom and the way the blog is arranged it only has the tow most recent posts. That was a month ago.
    Life goes on and so does my support for Bergin for Sheriff.

  5. It sounds like you are taking the Patrick McGee route of critizing information that conflicts with your opinion because the author wishes to be anonymous. Is this true? That is to say, when ideas run contrary to yours you now plan to attack the author for not identifying him or herself rather than the information?
    I always thought you were better than that and surely better than McGee.

  6. It is amazing you would be quoted as saying that a tort claim filed against sheriff Tom Bergin is not important. Is a tort claim a legal process? If yes, are legal processes not important?
    Since tort claims can also reveal criminal actions, have you intentionally recused yourself from prosecuting the sheriff? Is this your intention in supporting Tom Bergin? If so, don't you remember how you got your job in the first place?
    Josh, it now appears you are acting as Tom Bergin's lawyer. If this is correct, we, your constituants have the right to know where you stand and if you can continue to fulfill your duties to prosecute crimes in Clatsop County. We look forward to your response.