Thursday, May 3, 2007

Why Criminal Defense Attorneys Hate Josh, Part IV

I seem to inspire special enmity among criminal defense lawyers. I take this as a compliment, as reflected in Parts I through III of Why Defense Attorneys Hate Josh. This latest edition was posted in a downtown Astoria coffee shop by Seaside defense attorney Ty Settles, who gets credit for identifying himself. Since I'm not Catholic and I have no aspirations to deity or even sainthood status, I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean. But I am wearing a white hat. Like the thong (see Part I), if it was supposed to upset me, it didn't work. I think it's funny.

Part II
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  1. Ty, no one likes a sore loser.

  2. Leave the guy alone. he obviously has some moral principles that I wish some of the legislators and prosecutors here in Australia don't have. I although a Christian, am a great proponent of the death penalty and anyone of like nature has my support. I believe that the death penalty and its use may well deter some of the murders and vicious rapes that happen here. All the bleeding hearts carry on about the rights of the accused but what about the victim. Did they say to the accused,hey come here and kill me, I don't think so. So why keep them alive for the rest of their lives, give them the "green dream" and save society a lot of money that could be better spent on other things

  3. Defense attorneys don't like Josh because he likes himself enough for everyone ... he is the king of self promotion and he forgets that he is just the DA in a podunk little armpit of a county ..."The Trailer Park by The Sea". The other reason is that in trying to live up to his self made image he often times does it at the expense of his ethical obligations to the defense. Additionally his staff overcharges, over indicts, and shamelessly uses measure 11 threats to coerce defendants who are either innocent or whose guilt or complicity in any crime is barely colorable to take deals they should never be asked to take. A good DA doesn't want innocent people in jail and Josh simply doesn't care. Before you say "whoa ...can you back that up?" Yes I can! Just within the last month a Private Investigator who has made it his lifes work to go behind the police departments and their shoddy "chose the bad guy7 then look for the evidence that makes the person you chose look guilty" way of doing things instead of gathering the evidence then deciding whodunnit, and in many cases has totally embarrassed both Josh and the local yokel cops by taking the time to interview witnesses before they write their reports and discovering that the would be "rapist" or "sex abuser" or "kidnapper" they have had on ice for the last 6 months in their jail didn't commit any crimes. Instead of applauding this mans work in the furtherance of justice and our inncoent until proven guilty system they instead had this PI arrested several times and charged with interfering with the duties of a police officer and menacing etc. trying to get him to stop helping the good guys go free. His ego often times writes checks his limited skills and vidictive prosecutions can't cash and if he thinks you may be to blame for his failings you had better watch out or leave town. The locals are slowly wising up over there and in a trial that took place in the last two weeks acquitted this PI (Jim Pick) of all charges...sorry Josh you lose again. Rumor has it this PI is about to smear alot of egg on the face of the DA's office again on an "alleged Measure 11" accused he has jailed and played games with the indictments to make sure he can't bail out while awaiting trial. Can't wait to see what he has this time but I assure you based upon what I have heard it will be enough to once again expose the DA's office to not only alot of criticism but also civil actions being filed against them for once again overcharging an innocent man hoping he will be cowed into taking a deal.

  4. Well this comment alone tells us what this bold "Anon" thinks of the place I call home:
    "a podunk little armpit of a county ..."The Trailer Park by The Sea".
    My office will continue to prosecute anyone who commits a crime, no matter how well connected they are. Juries almost always get it right and in the case this poster mentions the defense filed affidavits to remove two judges and then waived jury trial.